Remembrance “101” – Calendar Project 2020

REMEMBRANCE “101” – Calendar Project 2020

Andrew Molloy has kindly dropped off surplus copies of the calendars at St Edward’s and has agreed for them to go to the other Benefice churches as well.
If anyone is interested, they will be most welcome to pick up a copy. If they wish to leave a donation for the calendar, this is to be given to Councillor Michael Worthington for the British Legion’s D-Day commemoration activities. 
So that we know what monies to hand over to the British Legion, there are slips of paper with the magazines for the amount to be noted. Could this and the money be put into the Wall Safe at St Edward’s; the Longsdon, Horton and Rushton churches will have a similar process.

The original idea was to do something extra for Remembrance Sunday 2019, 101 years after the end of WW1, an event that was very widely celebrated in 2018, being the 100 year anniversary. I wanted to just do something extra in Cheddleton, for “101”, after all the attention of the news media was gone, because I thought that memories were equally important, every year. £200 each has been donated to the three local Churches, St Edwards, St Andrews and Wetley Rocks for them to add something to their planned services this year, a further £200 has been committed to Councillor Worthington to use in his plans for the upcoming D-Day commemoration.

Very grateful to local people who donated their time and skill to provide images. Our original plan to have a “Poppy” reference in every image, as the project advanced it has changed a little, notes on each month below

Cover – A montage of iconic Cheddleton sites, including a drone shot of St Edwards Park kindly supplied by Skoob Mark Pointon

January – An atmospheric image of the Mill, B&W, supplied by Dennis Parker-Jones. Note Poppy image in bottom right corner.

February – This was a problem, the canal is obviously central to the village, four superb images were provided based on canal boats. I didn’t want to choose any of them and exclude any of the others so compromised on a montage of all four – All images will be provided separately in the final online Album celebrating the calendar. Thanks to Andy Nixon, Marian English, Megan Cope, Dennis Parker-Jones.

March – Montage of historical images of village sites

April – Ashcombe Park image and some player references – Thanks to Mick Hall

May – Path of a Wreath from Cheddleton Children to the Menin gate on VE Day. Special thanks to Mike Worthington, School Principal, Cheddleton Florist, Parents and Children involved and for images – Emma Louise Rowe

June – Nostalgia page, Beresford’s Busses.

July – Montage of a sample of superb Scarecrow Day, (Open Gardens)

August – Why so many postcards about Cheddleton? – This is a sample

September – The Station, given an atmospheric interpretation by Ian Keeling.         

October – The Hospital – An Autumn View, Interpretation by Lee J Price

November – Montage of images around previous Remembrance Services.

December – A reference to The Churnet Valley Railway, Santa Special – by Sue Arnold.