Remembrance Sunday, 8th November 2020

Remembrance Sunday

Next week, Remembrance Sunday, we intend to hold a service at each of the four churches, either inside or out, but this will be subject to government restrictions so the plan at the moment is…
Longsdon 10:30am

Cheddleton  10:45am in the Rose Garden

Rushton     10:45am outside the church

Horton.      10:50

As you know, the church at Rushton is having the ancient roof replaced so has not opened for services since the national lockdown but we hope to hold a service outside on Remembrance Sunday and reopen for ‘normal’ services from Sunday 22nd November.

This year’s Remembrance Sunday is to be held on the 8th November. As I write this article, legislation states that: – Communal worship or prayer can be attended by more than 30 people in places of worship or within church grounds but only if the venue used can safely accommodate larger numbers in a way which complies with COVID-19 secure guidance.

To be compliant with social distancing regulations, St Edward’s church can only safely accommodate up to 40 people. In light of this information and in consultation with the British Legion and the Churchwarden it has been decided that this year’s Remembrance Sunday Service will be held outdoors in the Rose Garden (the section of the churchyard behind the Memorial Gate). Anyone gathering outside church grounds i.e. in Hollow Lane is bound by Government legislation re groups of six and no more.

HM Government states: – whilst engaging in an activity in the place of worship or surrounding grounds, all parties should adhere to social distancing guidelines at all times, even within a group of 6. This means people should be 2 metres apart or more than 1 metre apart as well as taking extra steps to stay safe to reduce the risk of transmission. In England, face coverings are currently required by law to be worn in places of worship.

This information may be superseded at any time should further local restrictions come into force. Please check our website nearer the time:

It is important to remember that the virus is still with us and we need to do all we can to protect ourselves and our family and friends. You are all more than welcome to come to the service on Remembrance Sunday but please remember to wrap up warm, wear a face covering and feel free to bring an outdoor portable chair. Please help us all to keep safe.

The Revd Diane Oliver.

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